grease & lubricants 

Here at Capital Plant Services we can supply you with all the following Grease & Lubricants which include:


Hydraulic 10 Oil, Hydraulic 32 Oil, Hydraulic 46 Oil, SHPD E9 15w-40 Oil, SHPD E9 10W-30 Oil, SHPD E7 15w-40 Oil, Compressor Oil 46, Transmission Oil TO-4 10w, Transmission Oil TO-4 30, Engine Oil FD 5w-30, Engine Oil 5w-40, Euro 5 10w-40 Oil, Autotrans Universal, HD 80w-90 Oil, HD 85w-140 Oil, XHD Low Super Diesel Oil, Universal Tractor Oil, Trojan 220 Oil, 2 Stroke Oil, JCB High Performance Gear Oil Plus, JCB High Performance Gear Oil LS Plus...... 

Grease Tubes

Fuchs Renolit MP Plus, Exol Libra Moly XL EP2, Lithium LX Complex HD 2.5, Lithium LX Complex, Lithium EPM, Lithium EP2, Blue Lithium Complex, Red Lithium Complex, Grease Guns......


Grease Drums

IVO FLO Grease 12.5kg, Blue Lithium Complex Grease 12.5kg, Libra EP2 12.5kg, 50kg Drums also available!.......


20ltr Oils
5Ltr Oil
Grease Cartridges